Becoming aware of Auden's ~The Age of Anxiety~

The other day my wife asked me if we had a copy of Auden's long poem The Age of Anxiety. The answer was no. So that same day I made it a point to get it. I bought his Collected Poems.


Points of View

derrida derrida derrida derrida derrida

wise up build your thighs up she told me all about
the Pentacost get the Porsche out the damn
garage house spouse blouse mouth silly human

no long-haired, yellow-bellied son of the
lure of the honky-tonk and cried behind
the door the one to be the thief Coney
Island girls on film you might be the prince

of peace every boy and girl's going to get
their thing a hand-me-down dress from who
knows where that's why I love you on the cover
of a magazine that promise that you made

El Anatsui

Water Line

water line

Up side down NYC garbage can the day after Hurricane Sandy. Near corner of West 11th and West Streets in Manhattan.


Walk before run.

Tenderly, tenderly



Slowly now
now now how
the bulldog slowly now

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